How to Assemble a Bike for the Sales Floor

Interactive Job Aid

Tools: Genially, CanvaMy Role: eLearning DeveloperAudience: Motion Cycling- a bicycle shop that needed a new innovative way for employees to learn the steps to put together a bike after it has shipped to the store. Employees are all tech savvy and would benefit from visual training that deploys to electronic devices. I was given the list of steps by the shop owner and chose the learning platform that would work well with a step-by-step checklist. Then, I designed the training to have an appropriate cognitive load. All employees carry smartphones and can have a device while assembling a bicycle.

How to Add Buttons to your LMS Homepage


Tools: 7taps, DaButtonFactory.comMy Role: Instructional Designer, eLearning DeveloperAudience: A college professor, Educator, or User of Canvas LMS who is familiar with making a homepage but only needs a micro-learning experience to "brush up" on their skills.

Poison Ivy: Leaves of Three, Let Them Be!


Tools: CanvaMy Role: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Graphic DesignerAudience: Companies, camps, schools, or colleges that may be oriented close to a wooded area and need an infographic available to keep people safe from Poison Ivy rash.

ALICE: Active Shooter Protocol

Job Aid

Tools: PowerPointMy Role: Instructional Designer, eLearning DeveloperAudience: Companies and learning institutions which need to have an Active Shooter Response protocol.